Travel Expert Nilla Spark is Today’s Honoree

NillaSparkNilla Spark has been in the travel industry for 30 years, having helped plan itineraries and sent 1000’s of people all over the world in that time, she was living a normal life as a wife, friend, sister, step mother and travel consultant…

Then on the 19th October 2004 her life changed forever when she heard those dreaded words “sorry Nilla you have Breast Cancer”…what was going to happen to her dreams, her future, now it was in the hands of the medical profession, well so she thought…

Having undergone a lumpectomy which was then followed up by 8 weeks of radiotherapy, her body was being treated however her mind was tumbling into darkness, depression set in!  Her husband John, could see that Nilla was in a very dark space, he tried to do everything he could to rescue the wife he once knew…this lead him to source NLP, because he was great believer that the mind controls our bodies and ultimately our lives.

Once they started on the journey of NLP, their lives started to come back to some semblance of normality.  During one of the week seminars the presenter mentioned that he was going to start a Billionaire Adventure Club, whereby he would go around the world, finding organisations that he could help by eradicating poverty through education.   This resonated profoundly with Nilla that she pursued the opportunity to become involved in this cause.

As a result Nilla was appointed the Travel coordinator, with her first adventure being to Peru, where they raised the required $10000 to help finish classrooms so that the children from the villiage of Huilloq could further their education. The next project was to South Africa where they worked with CIDA University, from there Nilla arranged to work with Friends International in Cambodia, also working with Didi from the Lotus Orphanage in Ulan Batar, Mongolia, with the final trip for the Billionaire Adventure Club being in Egypt where Nilla coordinated 120 people, and worked with SOS.

Doing this work ignited a passion in Nilla with each and every one of the journeys that she arranged she could see transformation in people’s lives, not only the recipients of the communities also in the people that were part of the group…some transformations were slight and others were major, an example was that of one of the gentleman that came to Mongolia with the group, he had been very unhappy in his marriage for many years and thought that there was no way out, after experiencing the journey that Nilla had arranged he went back to his wife and ended his 30 plus year marriage because he realised that they was more to life than just accepting unhappiness.

This flame stayed with Nilla, then in May 2012 she went to Brazil where she spent time with John of God, just being in the energy of Abadainia and the healing environment, things started to happen for her at a very rapid rate.

One afternoon after difficult situation that had to be addressed in their  travel business, Nilla & John sat and spoke about their future in the travel industry and both understanding and realising that they love Travel and what travel can do for people’s lives and with that Travel With Purpose was launched.

In September of the same year Nilla trained and walked 100kms to raise money and awareness for girls and teenagers who are sold into the Human Trafficking industry, this tore at her heart and as a result she raised a substantial amount of money for the cause.­

After the walk she wanted to do more, she didn’t want to walk into their lives and then “walk” away, so she contacted COSA and asked if there was anything else that she could do for them.  They came back to her and said that one of the projects that they wanted to get up and going was a “shop” where they could sell local produce…

Immediately Nilla knew that she wanted to be a part of this project and found out how much money was required to build the shop, and she set about to raise the require funds…in the meantime the girls at the shelter ran a competition between themselves to name the “shop”.  Ning was the person they voted with the best name and it was thereby named “The Happiness Shop”, when Nilla found out that this was the name they chose, tears welled up in her eyes as this showed her how much this shop meant to the girls…

Nilla then went a step further by arranging to take a group of people to COSA so that they could be part of the construction…so on the 7th April 2013 she with 5 other women left Perth with 190kgs of luggage, luggage that contained sheets, towels, clothes, shoes, jewellery, books and pens…and a willingness to do whatever had to be done whilst they were on the building site…here they painted the roof tiles, door & window frames and also spent time with the girls that were at the shelter.

The experience was life changing for her, she says that she arrived with 190kgs of luggage for the girls and returned with a heart full of gratitude to have experienced what she did.  The girls taught her so much, even though they have gone through so much they smiled, laughed and appreciated the NOW…

One of the defining moments for her was when she was saying goodbye to Ning, she hugged her and as she hugged her, Ning hugged her harder and this went on for a few minutes with tears falling down Nilla’s face, Ning looked up at her and said “no cry, smile”…

At this moment Nilla knew that she was living her “purpose” and that Travel With Purpose was going to help change people’s lives, some in a subtle way and others in a major way…

Visit Nilla Spark for more information.

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