AtmosAir CEO Steve Levine is Today’s Honoree

Steve spent 20 years in the home alarm business before deciding, at midlife, he wanted to do something very different and something very Green.

“I had run into a dead end career wise. I had built a successful home alarm business, and I was comfortable, but I felt there was something missing. And I was very supportive of the Green movement. I was approaching my 50’s and I just felt it was time to take a big change in my life.”

After seeking the right Green, business opportunity, Levine, then 48, started-up AtmosAir Solutions in Fairfield, CT.

AtmosAir markets and installs Green, bi-polar ionization air quality purification products for businesses and homes. These devices Green indoor environments by eliminating mold, dust, odors, controls bacteria and the spread of airborne viruses, and reduce airborne particles and germs that bypass normal ventilation and filtration systems.

The eight-year-old firm has seen its business boom as the public becomes more aware of the health dangers linked to poor air inside office buildings, industrial spaces, commercial buildings, etc.

“It’s been very difficult but very rewarding. You truly learn how to be an entrepreneur when you start up a business and do a career makeover at midlife. But the company is now doing well, and I feel very satisfied. Every day is a challenge, but I could never go back. It’s been too much fun and so satisfying

Today, AtmosAir is a small business with big customers. Over 4,000 business and residential customers including McDonald’s, Hyatt and Hilton Hotels, The Staples Center in Los Angeles, Norwegian Cruise Line, and airports, municipalities, schools and universities. Companies like Nestlé’s and Siemens are using AtmosAir products to help increase worker productivity and decrease absenteeism from illness.

The Dallas Cowboys, Kansas City Chiefs, Jacksonville Jaguars, Cleveland Cavaliers, and The John McKay Center at the University of Southern California have installed bi-polar systems in their training facilities and offices to address sports related odors, minimize allergens, protect against pathogens like Staph, MRSA and influenza and to minimize energy costs. The professional teams did so, in part, to keep their athletes healthy, protect their multi-million dollar player investments, and thwart possible lawsuits from athletes who become ill due to training in facilities with poor air quality.

Those who install the air purification devices in homes say they breathe easier, sleep better and notice an elimination of dust particles, mold, odors, mildew and bacteria. Families who have allergy or asthma sufferers often notice an immediate improvement in their conditions.

Visit Steve Levine for information.

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