Consumer Advocate Jodie Guerrero Is Today’s Honoree

Jodie is a blogger and has a successful website Jodies Journey where she discusses her on-going medical and health journey through Lymphoma. At first she started her blog, as a way of communicating to her friends and family without constantly repeating herself.

It has also produced amazing opportunities and assisted many others along their own difficult path with illness and/or disability. Jodie has overcome massive difficulties to now become a independent health consumer advocate, registered with the Consumers Forum of Australia. She has also just been offered a State Director position for a national patient association. Her blogs have influential people reading her story, including Her Majesty The Queen, Her Excellancy Quentin Bryce, Her Royal Highness The Crown Princess of Denmark (Mary Donaldson) and Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge (Kate Middleton) plus top Australian politicians, amongst a few.

Every week, more people are hearing about Jodie’s journey and the opportunities are becoming more and more exciting. Her story just knocks the socks of most people who read it. Delayed diagnosis of 11 months-21 doctors visits-7 doctors -1 frantic trip to the ER, 5 years fighting cancer x 2, Discipline of a former GP by our state medical board, Disabilty and of course, God’s hand on our life and our family!! Plus we have a gorgeous disabled daughter & another beautiful girl. So far, Jodie has endured 63 doses of chemo, radiotherapy and related treatments, to stay alive.

Jodie’s journey through Lymphoma and fighting blood cancer twice is what makes her blog so popular. Thousands visit her website every month and she has a strong 9,500+ following on FB, Twitter, MySpace and Linkedin. Parts of her story have been broadcast on Channel 10/SBS Insight/Melbourne Age & published in the October edition of magazine – ‘Women’s Health & Fitness’. Plus alot more radio and newsletter/paper features.

The short form of Jodie’s story has also just been published in a collection of stories from 11 inspiring Australian women. The book by ‘Ark House Press’ has just been released in all major bookstores in Australia & NZ and will be released i n the USA and UK in January/12. Jodie is aiming to work more with the next political party to shape legislation for more support for young cancer & Mum’s with illness.

Jodie does what she does – not for fame, but to raise awareness. She advocates for young cancer & women with illness & disability. Jodie was diagnoised much too late and as a result now has a medical negligence caused disability. Her case went all the way to the top of the Queensland Medical Board and our former GP was repremanded as a result and then de-registered himself.

She is still gettng through her difficult situation, with the help of medicine and therapy and faith. We know from all this – the secret to living through challenge is making sure you take your lemons – turn them & churn them into lemonade. Instead of running away -run into it and make something great of your challenges.

Visit Jodie Guerrero for more information

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