Today’s Honoree is Jodi Pliszka

Jodi Pliszka, M.S., is a Clinical Therapist, award winning author, motivational speaker, Philanthropist and the award winning inventor of HEADLINE IT!

Jodi lives in Wisconsin, with her four hairless cats and daughter, Jess. HEADLINE IT! was invented about eight years ago, out of pure necessity.

At the age of thirteen, Jodi was stricken with a rare disease that affects less than 200,000 people in the US, Alopecia Universalis. This caused her to start losing her hair, and by the age of 20, was rendered totally hairless.

Alopecia Universalis is an autoimmune disorder. The body produces too many white blood cells, which think that hair is an infection, and subsequently kills it off. Even the hair in the nose disappears. There are no treatment options available to date.

The side effect of alopecia, is that Jodi is very healthy. She enjoys doing triathlon’s, working out and holds a black belt in SONGAHM TAEKWONDO. Jodi loves to swim, and do any outdoor activities with Jess and her family. She loves to draw, write, sing, play the piano, bake and cook healthy meals. Jodi loves to volunteer and do Philanthropic work, as well.

Jodi completed her graduate work, and obtained her Master’s degree, in New York. She is an active advocate and volunteer for the cancer society, Angle on My Shoulder, and many alopecia groups. Jodi began her PH.D work, until her daughter, Jess, was born. She then took a hiatus to be full time Mommy. After her divorce, Jodi and Jess relocated back to Wisconsin to be closer to her mom and dad, who are her business partners. During this break, is when Jodi wrote her books and invented her product.

HEADLINE IT! is a self- funded family project encompassing Pliszka’s Adventures LLC, which Jodi started in May, 2005.

 As an award winning author, Jodi uses her hairless Sphynx cats, as the stars of her children’s books, to reach out to kids with differences. Jodi’s books are wonderful at showing children that they are “puuurfect” just the way they are. Both of Jodi’s books in the BELLA and GIZMO’S ADVENTURES series won BEST BOOK OF THE YEAR in 2005 and 2007. Jodi designed and created a twelve inch, plush doll, of her real cat “Bella” to work as a great associative item to go with her books. BELLA also has won awards.

Jodi just released her autobiography, BALD IS BEAUTIFUL, MY JOURNEY TO BECOMING which outlines her tragedy to triumph, and has been said to read as ‘LIFE’S INSTRUCTION MANUAL’. This motivational book outlines Jodi’s struggles and ends with behind the scenes information from her time on the AMERICAN INVENTOR TV SHOW. The book has a ‘real life fairy tale ending’, talking about bringing her HEADLINE IT! product to market.

Jodi ends her book with a quote that she lives by: “There is no greater gift, than knowing our purpose in life!” As quoted from LIFETIME TV FOR WOMEN, Jodi also says, “By losing my hair, I found WHO I AM!”

Jodi will be starting a foundation to help others afflicted with baldness and other issues called JODI’S H.O.P.E. FOUNDATION. H.O.P.E. stands for H.. HeadlineIt… O.. Oil… P… Perspiration….. E…Elimination. “The world NEEDS H.O.P.E.!” Donations to the fund are given from a portion of the profits earned from the sales of the HEADLINE IT! product online.

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