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Author Cie Allman-Scott, Ph.D. is Today’s Honoree

About The Book: Every time we make a great decision, we find ourselves in a better place than we were, and we build success quickly and sure-footedly, for each and every aspect of life. Wherever you find yourself, if you’re … Continue reading

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Co-Founders of ‘Work The Future! Today Whitney Vosburgh and Dr. Charles Grantham are Today’s Honoree

Whitney Vosburgh is co-founder of ‘Work The Future! Today,’ a social venture that offers vision, leadership and solutions for maximizing personal, organizational and societal potential, and co-founder of Brand New Purpose, a brand transformation consultancy that creates purpose-built, value-driven opportunities. … Continue reading

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Authors Dr. Chris Cortman and Dr. Joseph Walden are Today’s Honoree

Contrary to what many people believe, we can recover from emotional trauma relatively quickly and completely on our own. Whether it’s extreme trauma such as sexual abuse or the horrors of war or less dramatic, but psychologically speaking just as … Continue reading

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Today’s Honoree is John Traficante

Born in Hoboken, New Jersey, John Traficante (JT) discovered  early in his childhood that he could see into the Past, Present and Future,  including Auras and Spiritual energies surrounding people. JT’s gift allows him  to do this just by looking … Continue reading

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