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Author Demetris Curry is Today’s Honoree

Demetris “Dee” Curry, serves her community as a published Author (Brighter Days Ahead: A Blueprint for Your Future), Speaker, and Insurance Wellness Strategist.  With nearly 20 years of experience in banking/financial services, wealth accumulation and maintenance, bank auditing, analytical reasoning, and life disability insurance procurement, Dee has a … Continue reading

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Financial Educator Stacey Adams is Today’s Honoree

Stacey Adams is an award-winning journalist who had a fulfilling 24-year career in the broadcast news industry. Throughout her career, Stacey Adams has been committed to providing information that strengthens the lives of individuals their families. Prior to joining the financial … Continue reading

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Author Pam Friedman is Today’s Honoree for Thursday February 18th, 2016

About The Book: The truths are: divorce rates hover around 50%, and marriage rates are declining. In other words, less people are entering into a binding relationship and, for those who already have, approximately half want to end it. The … Continue reading

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