The Autism Oasis Founder Heather Anderson is Today’s Honoree

Heather Anderson is founder of The Autism Oasis, where she uses her skills as a former journalist to research and provide information to families affected by nonverbal autism. She believes that most students with nonverbal autism have average or above average intelligence, and can learn to read and communicate.

From surprising foods that disrupt sleep to your child’s legal rights to AAC access, I love to share everything I learn with others.

I’m also very passionate about my son’s right to live an active, fulfilling life just like everyone else. I strongly believe relatively few nonverbal people with autism have intellectual disabilities, and regardless of whether they do, the intelligence and potential of all nonverbal people with autism is drastically underestimated.

I am committed to improving life for my son and for “other guys like him who can’t talk so people don’t know how smart and cool they are,” as I tell him.

Visit for more information.  

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