Lifestyle Coach and mswellnessllc Founder Tanisha Naughton is Today’s Honoree

My name is Tanisha Naughton I am the owner of mswellnessllc. I am a lifestyle coach that started her journey due to my mother being sick with diabetes. She was on a couple of medications that were not helping her get better. I decided one day to take my mother off of her medications and try a more plant based diet along with taking herbal teas. A year and half later my mother went back to the doctor and he told her that she was pre-diabetic that she should continue with what I have been doing as it is working.

This sparked my interest in wanting to be in the wellness field outside of just working out. I learned that wellness is about healing the mind, body and soul. It’s about the products we ingest, have in our home, mindset and working out. I also make homemade air fresheners that are used for the car, office or home that are oil based and last long!

Visit for more information.

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