Sharing Kindness Founder Tess Bell is Today’s Honoree

Tess Bell is the founder of Sharing Kindness, a company helping kids build confidence and resilience while also spreading kindness and support. She has been on a mission to ‘share kindness’ with her children and community in a bid to lift spirits, share stories and encourage people to be more thoughtful and kind.

Seeing how well self-affirmation, practicing gratitude and random acts of kindness have worked for her children (and herself), she set about to create a range of products specifically designed to help kids approach their problems and emotions with compassion.

Being the creator of ‘The Sharing Kindness Advent Calendars’ and the ‘Box of Confidence -affirmation cards’, she is now empowering kids for a kinder tomorrow by providing tools for parents so they can create a positive mindset for children.  At times she struggles with anxiety which nearly railroaded her project many times; but according to Tess, her beautiful daughters were her motivation to keep going. She wanted to show them what could be achieved when you are brave.  Her most treasured moment on this journey was when the final proof sample arrived and her 6yo daughter Sienna said, “Oh wow mamma, it’s incredible! I think this is what it feels like being ‘proud’, is it?”

The Sharing Kindness products have been lovingly created to help children treat themselves and others with kindness, feel a strong sense of self-worth, and become resilient in an ever-changing and often scary world.  Our intentions, choices, and words live on in future generations. Thank you for making them kind.

Visit for more information.

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