Author and Entrepreneur Dr. Henry M. Carter is Today’s Honoree

Dr. Henry M. Carter has his B.S. Degree in Psychology and Criminal Justice, Masters of Business Administration (MBA) and his Doctorate of Business Administration. Dr. Carter is an author, life coach and national trainer. He has 25 years of community and leadership development experience.

Dr. Carter serves as an Executive Director and Operations Manager for the YMCA and as the Director of Atlanta Technical College Institute for Males. Dr. Carter is the Founder and CEO of Manly Deeds Inc. an organization that provides post-secondary preparation, personal and professional development skills for boys and men of color.

Dr. Carter is also the President of H.M. Carter and Associates a company that offers consulting, workshops, seminars, and public speaking. The company services provide their clients with the knowledge and skills necessary to improve their work performance and communication abilities.

Dr. Carter is also the owner of King Henry’s Turkey Legs and Things LLC and for more information about his latest endeavor please go to

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