The Teen Project Founder Lauri Burns is Today’s Honoree

A shopping trip to a store like Target has never been considered life-threatening before, but this is the scary reality of the world today: women and children are being trafficked everywhere, in unsuspecting ways. Awareness needs to be raised and more must be done to save those taken. Lauri, founder of The Teen Project, is the hero leading the way.

LAURI BURNS: Runs eight facilities with 126 drug treatment and shelter beds throughout Southern California, has served over 2,600 homeless youth, trained more than 500 foster parents, and raised over $70 million to support her work with sexually exploited, trafficked, and “throw away” kids. She’s a trusted source of refuge for these women because she was once in their place. Burns was raised in an abusive home, bounced around the juvenile dependency system, and spiraled into heroin addiction and prostitution. She was able to turn her life around, has since become a Fortune 100 Executive, and works alongside celebrities and major corporations to provide other young women with the same opportunities she was given: treatment, training and a new chance at life.

Visit for more information.

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