Dani Shamice Studio LLC Owner Danielle Lucear is Today’s Honoree

I am the owner of “Dani Shamice Studio LLC”. I quit my Job with GA Dpt Of Correction State Office to take a leap of faith and following what God has for me. I am a true believer in “YOU MUST BELIEVE IN YOURSELF FIRST IN ORDER TO ACTIVATE YOUR PURPOSE”


I am licensed Master Cosmetologist, and my main goal is “HEALTHY HAIR CARE”. I specialize in mainly natural hair , locs and protective styles, but of course i offer relaxer services as well.


Being a hair stylist i service lots of clients who are facing different issues with their hair. Whether its from hair breakage, lack of maintenance/ knowledge, dehydration, medication or just not taking care of the hair “properly” I just wanted to find a solution that actually work. So after many months of research and trying different formulas, i was able to create “Coconut Bliss Hair Growth Line”


*Hair Growth

*Thicker Hair

*Helps prevents breakage & brittleness



Visit https://www.danishamicestudio.com/ for more information

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