Clawndoms CEO Una Hartzell-Baird is Today’s Honoree

Una’s love of cats runs deep. From her first cat who was fortunately spared a trip down the river, to the cats who prepared her for motherhood with early morning wake-ups, a variety of bodily fluids, and sibling rivalry(which is why she has an only child), cats have been a touchstone of her life.

She specializes in puns, dad jokes,  falling in love with the neediest of cats, and lying to herself about how she’ll only foster them for a little while. Una’s development of the Clawndoms brand came about when she tried claw caps as a harm reduction measure for Boy Cat, who had itchy ears and no self control.

Rarely the first to think of anything, she was the first to bring Clawndoms to the internet. Clawndoms brings together cheeky humor, a dose of claw cap reality, and support for cat charities as the first socially conscious clawcap brand.

Visit Clawndoms at for more information.

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