Enduring Hearts Inc. CEO Carolyn Salvador is Today’s Honoree 

As Chief Executive Officer of Enduring Hearts Inc., Salvador has supervisory and strategic control over all functional disciplines of the organization. In her previously role as the ED for the Georgia Child Care Association (GCCA) and as a lobbyist and advocate for young children and small businesses, Salvador brings years of experience to Enduring Hearts. Salvador is the creative mastermind behind the organization with outstanding interpersonal and leadership skills leading her team, interacting with the Scientific Board Chair and the Board of Directors on a daily basis.

In her role as CEO, Salvador finds key stakeholders to develop collaborative partnerships to grow their research funding base. She works with her team to strategize on how to maximize the Enduring Hearts existing events, work to identify new events and develop the strategies and plans to execute them. She develops budgets, track finances, meet with donors, write grants, manage marketing, talk with heart families, develop family programs, and more. Salvador utilizes her expertise in every aspect of the business from working with the board to developing fundraising strategies to running grants and research programs.

Salvador works with a variety of stakeholders from daily interactions with the leading pediatric transplant cardiologists across the country, Board of Directors, heart families, and stakeholders such as American Heart Association, the International Society of Heart and Lung ransplantation, Pediatric Heart Transplant Study, and other nonprofits.

Salvador has grown the cash revenues over 300%. Additionally, Salvador has expanded the Enduring Hearts grant program by developing strategic partnerships with other stakeholders in the CHD space to developing co-funding opportunities. Recently, Salvador spearheaded the partnership with AHA to dedicate $1.5M in funding to pediatric heart transplantation and co-fund a $3M Collaborative Science Award with the organization. Moreover, Salvador is responsible for growing the Enduring Hearts fundraising events raising millions of dollars to go their research.

Salvador is considered one of the top visionaries amongst her peers in the industry and Enduring Hearts is now seen as an important partner in the pediatric heart transplant field.

Salvador attended the University of Florida with a BS in Advertising and Minor in Marketing. Salvador resides in Atlanta, is married to her husband John for 32 years and has two adult children.

Visit https://enduringhearts.org/ for more information.

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