Silver Frog Marketing President and Marketing Director Christina Ross is Today’s Honoree

Christina Ross is the President and Marketing Director at Silver Frog Marketing and loves helping businesses with their creative design and overall marketing efforts.

She has spent the majority of her career in the marketing industry, gaining experiences in areas such as website design, social media marketing, TV/Radio broadcast and Google marketing.

While marketing is her primary job function by day, Christina also enjoys painting, yoga and spending time with her family.

Christina Ross has experience assisting businesses of all calibers with various budgets. She is particularly skilled in helping those businesses with a limited marketing budget find effective tactics to achieve their goals and get in front of their audiences with minimal resources.

Christina says, “If you are just starting your business and you have a low budget, make sure you focus on the “free” marketing opportunities, these are imperative to building a strong online presence.”

Here are the first things Christina advises focusing on:

1.  Create strong Facebook and LinkedIn pages.  Then, join networks and groups relevant to your business.  This is a great, free, way to engage with your customer base.

2. Have a good website with basic SEO.  You don’t have to spend thousands on a nice website, you could build one yourself, or find someone on Fiverr to help you out.  

3. Join local associations!  There are amazing ways to meet like minded people through local Chambers and National Associations relevant to your product.

Visit for more information.

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