Jugg Works Entertainment and Jugg Coin Founder Terane D’Andre Thorpe aka Laflex is Today’s Honoree

Terane D’Andre Thorpe formerly known by his stage name King Laylow is now Laflex, a rebranded version of himself built from mistakes and lessons he’s learned on the journey chasing his dream. In his adolescence he played the Alto Saxophone and would record on Mixcraft with his brother just for fun and shared it with peers at school. Not knowing, Laflex picked up a passion for it to keep his brother’s dream alive after he died in a fatal car accident in 2012. After graduating from high school in 2013 Laflex served 5 years in the United States Navy still pursuing music even on deployment.

Once he was discharged in 2018 Laflex went back to Atlanta and enrolled in the Art Institute to focus on strictly music and started building his label Jugg Works Entertainment. His new single entitled “Doja Cat”  released on September 9th, is a reflection on his life as far as living the fast life of getting in trouble and doing illegal activities, when the whole time he was just looking for love or someone that he could confide in. He also talks about how he lost people in his life that he cared about, while he was serving our country in the Navy. In his new single, Laflex talks about River City (which is a naval term meaning the ship is having a communication blackout) when all outside communication to the world is shut down internet, phones etc.

Terane is not just an artist, he is also a man that cares about his family and his community. During the pandemic when the world shut down, Terane noticed a need in the African American community.

“Understand the opportunity right in front of us to make a change in our community, our lives and pass down generations of knowledge and wealth. Banks weren’t set up for us to win, just kept us investing our funds into everything but ourselves” ~ Terane D’Andre Thorpe aka Laflex

Jugg Coin will be created on the Stellar block chain which is most known for its breakout crypto XLM. The goal for jugg works is to be able to set up an ecosystem of trust. With that being said you’ll be able to loan out Jugg Coins which are convertible to USD to have a spot me system for someone in the ecosystem that needs a few bucks to get by. Also we’ll offer financial classes about investing and how crypto really works because a lot of people know about crypto but don’t understand it’s purpose. But the main goal is to empower our community and encourage financial freedom and the limitless opportunities you have to make a better future for generations to come.

Let’s take back that power to invest in our future and families @jugg.works THE COME UP FOR THE COMMUNITY,  Follow us Jugg Coin https://www.instagram.com/juggcoin/

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