Reclaimed Luminosity Creator and Lamp Artist Robert Temple is Today’s Honoree

Reclaimed Luminosity is a collection of lamps and light sculptures, made by hand using reclaimed materials and found objects.

After years of collecting and salvaging interesting items, Robert started to experiment with creating lamps as a way of exploring the combination of light, form, and function.

Robert’s vision in both art and music is guided by balancing logic and structure with openness, creativity, and improvisation.

“I’ve always been fascinated with light and how it interacts with shape and color in dynamic ways.”  ~ Robert Temple

Robert’s lamps are all one- or two-of-a-kind, featuring unexpected forms that develop organically as I work. They are made using mostly recycled and up-cycled materials; including glass, metal, ceramic, slate, and granite.

Some of the defining features of his lamps are the great variety of materials combined in eclectic ways; the additional battery LEDs running inside some of the lamps; and the fact that each lamp is crafted with an artistic vision, bringing a unique sculptural aesthetic to a functional household item.

Robert Temple is an artist and musician, based in Oakland, CA, originally from New Jersey. To view more of his unique works of art or to purchase Reclaimed Luminosity go to

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