The Family Change Agent (FCA) Stacie Hayes is Today’s Honoree

Stacie Hayes is a published author, speaker, and self-named Family Change Agent (FCA). She has a BA in Sociology, a Master’s in School Counseling and an Educational Specialist (Ed.S.) degree in the School Counseling. Stacie is also a Certified Manager of Program Improvement. Stacie has over 18 years of experience as a school counselor.

Stacie has written several books and journals that focus on life lessons for pre-teens and teens. The goal is to assist pre-teens and teens in making the best choices that can provide a future that they can be very proud of as change agents for the world. As a FCA Stacie’s focus is helping pre-teens and teens understand that the “Choices that they make today will determine the choices they will have tomorrow.” Her book “Alivia And The Tree of Awakening” was written to help pre-teens and teens understand there actions can change the total trajectory of their future. Stacie’s next release is a journal that will guide pre-teens and teens on how to manage fear, anxiety and depression as these issues raise their ugly heads more and more for this group of change agents.

If you would like to contact Stacie Hayes please visit her Linktree at  

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