Writer and Life speaker Dr. Christie Black-Murrell is Today’s Honoree

About The Author:

Christie Black-Murrell was born and raised in Columbus, GA just 100 miles south of the big city of Atlanta, GA. All her life she has used writing as a avenue to express her feelings and creative imagination. She has several publications beginning in 2008 with Random Thoughts of Perplexed, Relaxed Soul (a collection of poetry). 2012 (Soul Cries-first audio book of poetry) 2014 Show Me Love (collection of Poetry) Most recently, she released (2020) her very first interactive Children’s book, Do You Know…powerful praise from parents to child. Christie loves the written and spoken word which she uses as an avenue to “Speak Life and Promote Love” to all that she engages. She believes that writing is a part of her purpose in life and gives her all in everything that she writes. Lastly, Christie Black-Murrell is a devoted wife and mother who believes in finding the positive in all things. 

C. Black Expressions

Children’s Book Author…

I began my journey in the midst of these crazy times tryng to speak life to our next generation. As a mom writing books  with a positive theme shows my littles and littles everywhere that there is still good in the world. 

Previous Work:

All of my life I used poetry as a means of expressing feelings and processing emotions…hence my “Soul Cries & Show Me Love”

Motivational Speaker and Counseling:

I thrive to sow words of life that spread positive things into the world. I love opportunities to speak to young people and to women to encourage them to share their stories know that there is so much power in them. 

As a counselor I work through the many different approaches but the goal is the help the walking wounded. 

Visit https://cblackexpressions.com/about-me for more information.

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