The Dream Center Event Venue Founder Jazmine Tricoche is Today’s Honoree

Jazmine Tricoche also know as Dream is a serial entrepreneur. She is the owner of Dream Life, The Dream Center Event Venue, Dream Life Careers, & Jaz Auto Glass. She is also the founder of the Non- Profit organization, Dream Life University, that assist other entrepreneurs in developing and branding their businesses thru mentoring, coaching, and business classes.

Jazmine has created annual events such as the Fashion Friends Fashion Show where her company, Dream Life, connects Fashion & Networking under one roof and Dream Feed Believe where local entrepreneurs partner every Thanksgiving holiday and feed those in need!

She is a graduate of Troy University where she studied Business and received an Associates degree in Business Administration. She has assisted over 3000 entrepreneurs in not only branding their business but developing successful marketing & business practices to grow and increase their brand presence and sales.

Born into a military family, Jazmine was destined to serve the people! She was born in California and raised in Alabama. At the age of 19, Jazmine was given her first management job and worked in retail management for 12 years. During her career as a retail manager, Jazmine utilized corporate America as a tool to learn all about business and how to build a successful company.

In 2012, Jazmine started Dream Life (Formally named Dream Treasurez), with only $500 and now Dream Life is a six figured valued company. Jazmine spent 9 years in Atlanta working as a retail manager as well as building her clientele and own business.

In 2016, Jazmine relocated her business to Memphis, one of the fastest growing cities at that time, to expand and focus on the longevity of Dream Life. Since relocating to Memphis, Jazmine’s business has grown from a little office in her apartment to a 5000 sqft. building where she now has a Dream Life retail & printing store and event venue, The Dream Center.

Jazmine is very active in her community and loves speaking to aspiring entrepreneurs, the youth, and seasoned entrepreneurs that may have missed some steps when establishing their businesses. Jazmine also has become a highly sought after motivational speaker. She has spoken at several business seminars schools, and brunch events to discuss her shortcomings, mistakes, helpful tips, and words of encouragement to those wanting to find their passion & purpose.  She is known to be one of the most transparent successful entrepreneurs today! She has inspired entrepreneurs to quit their 9-5 jobs and pursue their careers as full-time entrepreneurs and they all are still successful in their businesses to date.  She also mentors business owners and provides coaching sessions covering all things business from marketing & branding to legalizing & business operations.

Through her inspiration to others, she to is inspired to keep chasing her own personal dreams and aspirations. Her first company, Dream Life, was Designed to Remember every Aspiring Moment and is known for exemplifying the message “Team Work Makes The Dream Work”. Jazmine Tricoche is a self taught & self- motivated business coach, mentor, and motivational speaker that is guaranteed to light up the room with not only her presence but her knowledge and passion for becoming a successful entrepreneur rather it’s a full-time career or simply a part-time hobby. Jazmine is also well known for her constant collaboration with other local businesses and entrepreneurs and supports so many local businesses today! She is truly a “one of a kind” leader in our community promoting entrepreneurship & transparency in our community. She has received countless awards for her guest speaking and overall influence on the youth and other aspiring and current entrepreneurs.

Visit for more information.

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