Manifest Your Vision Empowerment Coach Raechelle Jackson is Today’s Honoree 

Raechelle Jackson is a proud mother of 2 beautiful children.  She has a 25-year-old son and a 16 year daughter. She currently works in Corporate America in the Human Resources department.  Her primary responsibility is overseeing all corporate internal events and all recognition programs.  Prior to corporate America, Raechelle was enlisted in the United States Navy, where she served for 10 years.

Between serving in the military and transiting into a civilian, Raechelle has earned in Bachelors in Organizational Management and her Masters in Organizational Behavior.

Raechelle’s personal and professional passions are seeing people learn who they are, grow in their own self and help them value their strengths and weaknesses that makes them the unique individual they were designed to be. Raechelle values family, work ethics and self-worth. 

Besides, Raechelle’ s professional achievements and the energy she invests into people, she has a few personal interests that gives her a healthy mental and physical being.  She loves to work out, read, listening to good music and eating great food!

Raechelle’s life scripture is Matthew 6:33 which guides her everyday walk with her Lord and Savior!

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