Passionately Kreative Mobile Bakery CEO Jasmine Smith is Today’s Honoree

Being a North Philly native a lot of people associate Philly with greatthings such as the Eagles (Bird Gang), Rocky, and Timberland boots.However, one underrated thing at least in my book about Philly is the goodfood you can find.

This good food is not just limited to our culture butmany other cultures as well. It is one of the many reasons I love myhometown and one of the biggest things that contributed to my love for foodand culinary arts. I love culinary arts so much that I pursued andsuccessfully captured a degree as well as being the Owner and CEO ofPassionately Kreative mobile bakery.

I’m very big on bold flavors, family, and friends creating mouthwatering experiences that will make you reminiscent of some good old home cooked flavors. I don’t want this passion and joy I have for food to just be limited to me which is why I am spreading that love all over the Atlanta area.

So, join my family and take part in some of my delicious dessert options I have available because with me you will get a personal experience you will never forget

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