Author Chester Kane is Today’s Honoree

Chester Kane published his first book of poetry, /Inside East  Hampton/, in 2014, chronicling life on the eastern end of Long Island.  New York’s energy and vitality has had an indelible influence on his  poetry. His short and intense style, similar to Haiku, reflects a  crowded and noisy Manhattan where the power of a single phrase, or  word, is required to be heard. Kane is a 60s adman who worked for Y&R,  Interpublic, Colgate, Revlon and Kane, Bortree & Associates, a  creative boutique he founded in the early 1980s.  

For more than 40 years, photographer Robert Whitman has worked on  numerous books focusing on artists, including Prince and Mikhail  Baryshnikov. Noted actor Viggo Mortensen published his book called  /Mostly People/. He has also undertaken projects in Cuba, Brazil,  Russia and Myanmar. Whitman’s interest in photography developed out of  his love of the cinema, which drove him East from Minneapolis to New  York in the 1970s. He displays a unique talent for capturing movement,  whether he is working in the controlled atmosphere of the studio, or  simply walking down the street with camera in hand. His affinity for  street life globally, including New York City in particular, is seen  in his contributions to /THE CITY: A NEW YORKER’S NEW YORK/ with their  photojournalistic qualities finding the moment amid the hectic life of  New York City, amplifying Kane’s writing style.  

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