Author David S. Heeren is Today’s Honoree

The occasion of Jesus’ Second Coming, referred to in the Bible as the Day of the Lord, continues to a be a source of great fascination — and speculation — among believers. But the exact day of this event, according to Jesus himself, should not be the primary focus, explains Bible scholar David S. Heeren. Instead, it is important to both understand and recognize the celestial sign that will herald Jesus’ return.

In his latest book, The High Sign, Heeren compellingly reveals 200 points of evidence involving 24 scriptural events that support his unique interpretation of the Bible’s end time prophecy.

Heeren was inspired to write The High Sign after experiencing his own prophetic event of sorts. While reading Isaiah 6:8, Heeren says he decided to pray Isaiah’s prayer: “Here am I, send me.” It was after that day when the meaning of many biblical passages began to crystalize for Heeren, and the message of The High Sign started taking shape, Heeren explains.

“The next day, I started perceiving a pattern in Isaiah’s prophetic imagery looking beyond the life of Jesus on earth to the era of his prophesied Second Coming on what the Bible refers to as the Day of the Lord,” Heeren says. “This was a noteworthy first for me because for a half-century before then, I had read biblical prophecies with great fascination but negligible understanding. Suddenly, I was beginning to make sense of some of the Bible’s most mysterious passages.”

He found 54 prophetic images, and the evidence mounted concerning the identity of the celestial sign of Jesus’ Second Coming, until there were more than 200 individual points leading Heeren to arrive at a conclusion few, if any, theologians have reached as yet.

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