Author David Weitzner is Today’s Honoree

About The Book:

In Connected Capitalism, David Weitzner shows us how to draw from the classic teachings of Judaism in order to positively transform our workplaces and our working lives. He outlines a philosophy that will empower the disenchanted to build a stable future in a world of crony capitalism, global pandemics, racial injustice, and social disconnect.

Weitzner, a professor of management who chooses to look beyond management and mindfulness, envisions a workplace based on the ancient Jewish practices of mitzvah, creating a space for meaningful moments with other people, and chavrusa, co-creating and working on endeavors together.

Combining these spiritual concepts with the voices of today’s political strategists, business leaders, and artists, Connected Capitalism inspires us to approach our work with curiosity, engage with those who were once strangers, and tap into a hopeful and meaningful future.

About David Weitzner:

David Weitzner (PhD, MBA) is at heart a philosopher who briefly became a music industry executive and has now spent nearly two decades as a professor of strategy. He is the author of Connected Capitalism: How Jewish Wisdom Can Transform Work and Fifteen Paths: How to Tune Out Noise, Turn On Imagination and Find Wisdom. David’s research focuses on the intersection of business ethics, strategy, and stakeholder theory. His writing has been featured in top academic journals, including Academy of Management Review, Organization Studies and the Journal of Business Ethics, as well as in popular media outlets as diverse as Tablet Magazine, The Forward and Quillette. He has presented at a host of international conferences, including Business as an Agent of World Benefit co-sponsored by the U.N. Global Compact. He lives in Toronto, Ontario, with his wife and three kids.

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