4 Tha Luva Tacos Entrepreneur MizLuiz is Today’s Honoree

Cleveland Ohio is my hometown. As a child my siblings and I didn’t always have food to eat. We used to make do with something we called ‘salmayse”, it was a Miracle Whip sandwich with ketchup.

At fourteen years old we moved to Southern California. It was then that I fell in love with “the taco.” I’ll never forget the first time I tasted one. One day my mom said “I’m gonna make you guys something calla taco.” Oh my gawd, it was LOVE at first bite!

When I became a mommy I fed my kids tacos almost every week. My dister (special name I called my sister) and I made a pact, we said that our kids first solid food would be Taco bell….smh Whenever my husband and I had company or my kids had a sleep over, my tacos was sure to be on the menu. Years later family and friends often request my tacos.

After losing my job due to downsizing; I decided to never work for anyone again. This; “4 Tha LUVA Tacos” became my life’s new journey.

From Ohio, to Cali, settled in Georgia….the journey continues….Live Love eat Tacos

Visit https://www.facebook.com/4thaluva for more information.

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