Love Strategist Elizabeth Overstreet is Today’s Honoree

I have always been intrigued with dating and relationships. I am specifically interested in the dynamics that attract one person to another and how couples sustain long-lasting relationships. My parents and grandparents have been married for over fifty years, along with aunts and uncles in my family who have been married for more than four decades. I learned a lot by being single, being married, coming out of a divorce, navigating breakups, jumping back into the dating pool, and remarrying.

Observing each of these experiences gave me a unique look into my lens and experience in a relationship and those of others who had longevity and happiness in their relationships. Through these experiences and coaching others in their relationships, I hope to shorten your learning curve of what it takes to find love. Finding love can be challenging, but it can be more comfortable when you understand what works and doesn’t work. 

I would like to thank my parents, aunts, and uncles for modeling healthy relationships for me. I also want to acknowledge my former partners for their lessons in relationships (what to do and what not to do), helping me grow significantly through each experience, and my friends and relatives to be a relationship investigator. I wouldn’t have these insights and be able to help my clients without being able to observe firsthand, ask lots of questions, and through my learnings, realize what works and doesn’t to sustain a healthy relationship.

A special thank you to my daughter, who supported me and told me to stick with my writing and passion for coaching others in their relationships. Her encouragement helped me to bring this book to fruition.  Writing this book proved to be cathartic for me. But, helping others has proven to be the most meaningful part of this journey. It’s a blessing to help others on their journey of love too!  

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