M’s Creationz and Sublimation Prints Founder Marsha Macon is Today’s Honoree

Marsha Macon is the owner of M’s Creationz and Sublimation Prints. Marsha is originally from Columbus, Georgia but now reside in Tampa Florida.

She has been crafting for over 15 years and her reason for crafting is that she loves to create and enjoys seeing the looks on the face of customers when they see their new items.

Crafting is relaxing to Marsha and it challenges her to bring out her best each and every time. Crafting new ideas brings innovation and motivation because if Marsha doesn’t currently make it she will learn how to make it.

Currently M’s Creationz births their ingenuity into tumblers, shirts, blanket keychains and frames. In the future M’s Creationz will doing all over prints on T-Shirts, weekly how to crafting videos and the plan is to give back to young girls and women with crafting classes so they can see ways to create revenue doing something they love.

Visit https://www.facebook.com/MsCreationznSublimationPrints/ for more information.

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