Master the Universe Expert Dr. Saacha Spade is Today’s Honoree

With an extreme passion and commitment, Dr. Saacha Spade actively serves the growing population of conscious individuals who choose the path of self mastery. She is the founder of multiple, unorthodox businesses, products and solutions designed to support the master minded individual on their journey back to Source.  

Her motto is “Master Self. Master The Universe.” Her philosophy is grounded in the truth that we are all multidimensional, spiritual beings on a journey of the Soul who have the power to re-configure our external reality from the inside out. This philosophy is the inspiration behind all of her ventures, projects and businesses. Her natural ability to be an effective problem solver and to provoke another level of thought, have earned her the well deserved title of being one of the top Leaders in the new thought world. 

​She is a Doctor of Metaphysics, Thought Provoking Speaker, Wealth Preservation Expert, Educator, Author, Student of Trust Law and all around Business Woman. 

​Dr. Spade is no stranger to adversity. Her desire to help others navigate through the turmoil and challenges of the Matrix is based on the lack of support and solutions that were available during her days of truth seeking and self discovery. Her journey to self mastery was extremely lonely and filled with many painful experiences and lessons where she was constantly misunderstood, viewed as a rebel and unsupported on her path because she did not resonate with the views of the majority. Little did she know that Her refusal and inability to conform to restricted nature of organized religion (and other norms of society) would turn into a magical journey where those very painful experiences would be used to propel her into phenomenal purpose.

Dr. Spade is always looking for ways to collaborate with others for the Greater Good. If you are interested in working with her to help others on any level, please send us an email addressing how you would like to help her vision or how you would like for her to contribute to your vision. 

Visit for more information. 

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