Entrepreneur Adenah Bayoh is Today’s Honoree

In late 2017, Adenah realized her dream of opening her own signature fast casual, farm-to-table, soul food restaurant, Cornbread, which she co-founded with Zadie B. Smith in Maplewood, New Jersey. In 2019, through a landmark partnership with Walmart, the restaurant chain expanded to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with locations in Walmart stores in West Mifflin, Tarentum, and Greensburg.

Guided by a commitment to service, Adenah continually invests in her staff. New hires are trained in life skills that not only apply to their work in the restaurant, but also serve to benefit them in their own lives.

Adenah began her career as an entrepreneur at an early age. After attending a public high school in Newark, New Jersey and putting herself through Fairleigh Dickinson University where she earned a degree in Business Management, she secured a job in banking and began purchasing multi-family homes as investments. Following the financial success of these investments, she left her banking position to concentrate on building her own businesses focused on transforming and empowering disadvantaged communities.

Visit https://adenahbayoh.com/adenah-bayoh/ for more information.  

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