Weight Loss and Fitness Expert Timothy Perry is Today’s Honoree

Timothy Perry also known as BigSlim is a certified fitness instructor, church musician and he also works in the work in the Crisp County School System.

Timothy Perry AKA BigSlim

Mr. Perry teaches fitness and cycling class at Destiny Fitness in Cordele, Cordele, Ga. and SWGA Fitness Center in Americus, Ga.

Timothy is a native of Americus, Ga. And on May 1st, 2017 he will be celebrating his 4th year anniversary of an incredible weight loss journey.

For almost 20 years he lived as an obese man and his weight even reached the heights of almost 400 pounds. After being diagnosed with diabetes and high blood pressure the choice was simple for BigSlim and that was to live or die.  

Realizing the love of life that God had giving him BIG SLIM (Believing In God Shapes Lives Into Miracles) chose to live.

Now Timothy Perry is on a mission to keep building his platform to change lives through the vehicles of Weight Loss motivation, Inspirational programs, Fitness classes in order to  help others be open to live out their health and fitness dreams.

Every day he wakes up looking forward to seeing what the day has and to keep pushing the  journey. It’s a lifestyle, and I wouldn’t trade it!

Timothy Perry has been featured on WFXL Fox 31 News, Albany, Ga. WRBL News 3, Columbus, Ga. Americus Times-Recorder, Americus, Ga.

Also Check him out on The Slimmer Circle Podcast/Inner Circle. Episode: From Big to Slim w/ Timothy Perry On Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Visit https://instagram.com/bigslimfitness for more information.

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