Autism Author Michael Mace is Today’s honoree

Michael Mace was born in Paris, France. He is now living in the USA. He has lived with autistic people for many years and has a passion for autism advocacy. He is also a Translator (English/French) and a Lifestyle Educator. His wife Lindie loves to do medical massage, she has a passion for a healthy lifestyle and is a Lifestyle Coach.

He recently published the book, How To Make Autistic Children Happy: A Tribute To “The Little Prince.”

Here is what Michael says about his book:

“These are true stories of autistic children who don’t communicate at all, who don’t even understand what communication is. These children are at the very end of the autism spectrum.

When we received these children, most of them had never used their hands, never washed themselves, never eaten by themselves, and never got dressed by themselves. Some had never walked but were crawling on the floor. Some were throwing themselves, head first, against the walls, others were biting their wrists to blood. A simple glance at them could trigger one of these violent acts of self-destruction.

Yet, just a few months with us changed their lives. Their faces reflect joy, pure joy. In fact, we had the best results in the world. What did we do to make this change? This is what this book is about.

Most educative projects aimed at autistic people are about drugging them, training them, domesticating them; let’s confess it: it’s about taming them. We have chosen another path. It is NOT even about making them speak by all means we can. It is better, much better than that. It is about finding a lifestyle in which both speaking and autistic people can take part. It is about making opportunities for these children to take initiatives, to decide in their daily life.”

For more information and to purchase Michael’s book:

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