Growth Wise Founder Jim Treadway is Today’s Honoree

Jim founded Growth Wise in 2017 after tutoring on his own since he was 11. Having studied at Harvard and the London School of Economics and worked as an expert in personality type (Myers Briggs focus), Jim devoted his attention to tutoring teens and infusing their mindsets with as much resilience and self-awareness as possible.

Jim specializes in SAT and ACT prep, and his growth mindset approach shows teens not just how to hack the test, but how to hack their minds. Jim’s students use Wim Hof breathwork and NLP to overcome test anxiety and limiting beliefs in order to achieve scores higher than they thought possible. They learn how the mental habits they bring to the test are same ones they bring to the rest of life’s challenges; as they upgrade their testtaking, they upgrade their mindsets for life, too

Jim hires tutors who are similarly growth-focused and renowned by clients for their warmth, patience, and conscientiousness (hyperlink here to the page of tutor testimonials). Together, Growth Wise covers all subjects from middle school through university, as well as test prep and college essays.

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