Blind Author Ruth E. Vallis is Today’s Honoree

Author Ruth E. Vallis shares her incredible story of trailblazing for the disabled and showcases the power of tough love in her debut memoir, Love is Blind [April 2021]. Blind before the age of three, pioneer of integration of the blind into the public school system in Canada, Ruth offers incredible insight into growing up blind, navigating an international boarding school, hospital programs and finding her way to a profoundly remarkable and inspiring life.

Written in an honest, humbling and generous voice, Love is Blind details Ruth’s own challenges throughout her life, sharing the biggest obstacle of all—the low expectations of others. Determined to succeed, Ruth quickly learned that you can let those who don’t understand you define who you are, or you can ignore them and follow your dreams—as Ruth did.

At every stage of her extraordinary life, Ruth defied the low expectations of others, and took on such challenges as biking from Ottawa to Toronto, completing a Master’s of Science degree online before technology accessibility was legislated, and more. Through it all there was her tender, tough-loving mother, Peach, offering encouragement, support and humor to overcome enormous challenges. 

Discover the power of women working together for good. Seeing how obstacles can become stepping stones, Love is Blind will have you laughing, crying and being inspired within moments of reading through the first chapter.

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