Emergency Info Plan Founder John Pastore is Today’s Honoree

Are you familiar with John Pastore? John Pastore lost someone he cared about dearly. He was on a business trip and his wife called 9-1-1. If first responders had called and alerted him he could have told them what was happening and what to do but he didn’t get a call till 40 minutes after the event.

John got to work and made the Emergency Info Plan. First there is a simple 2-minute assessment to help others determine just how prepared they are in an emergency. The Emergency Info Plan also explains how people can use their iPhone or Android as both an emergency alert device to notify contacts and as a medical ID that provides EMS personnel access to critical medical information for better onsite treatment.

The Emergency Info Plan is Senior-friendly and easy-to-use, the plan starts with Emergency Alert Stickers for the communication device, the home and car, so those who came to a person’s aid will see that they are prepared and can take immediate life-saving action.

Visit https://emergencyinfoplan.com/ for more information.

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