Student Internet Equity Coalition Founder Donna Rattley Washington Today’s Honoree

Donna Rattley Washington, founder of the Student Internet Equity Coalition, is a former Comcast exec who decided to leave industry and work on getting all K-12 school children connected to broadband. Donna believes that ensuring every middle and high school student has access to the Internet and a computer in the home is one of the most transformational things we can do for our nation’s students.

Access to the internet and a computer are more necessary than ever for middle and high school students in the current climate. 1 in 5 teens report not being able to complete their homework because they lack connectivity and 1 in 4 Black teens.

The Student Internet Equity Coalition founder, Donna Rattley Washington, knew a more scalable solution was desperately needed for delivering online learning support to all students – especially in light of COVID-19. She heard stories from mothers who were attempting to solve this problem with only a disjointed patchwork of solutions, and she knew there had to be a more effective approach. As a former law partner, cable system General Manager, board chair and interim CEO of Edbuild, as well as a board member of City Year Washington, DC, Donna had traversed a 20-year leadership journey spanning education, digital adoption, legislative affairs, management, and telecommunications. Her background was a perfect fit for tackling this complex issue, and she was unwilling to sit back and do nothing in the face of such a huge opportunity chasm—one that poses a significant threat to educational equality.

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