Lawyer and Business Executive, Lauren Zajac is Today’s Honoree

As we start a new year, we are seeing the growing power of women.  From politics to business, women are more and more front and center.  But still, women are told to hide who they are when in powerful positions. It’s time for an end to the double standard which says when men are persistent, demanding, and aggressive in the workplace, they are championed as being assertive, powerful leaders but when women do the same, they are considered difficult and “bitchy.” 

Lawyer and business executive, Lauren Zajac, wants to change that mindset. Through speeches, presentations and her website, Lauren encourages women to accept the good, bad, and ugly aspects of themselves and own it.  She believes that for women to truly succeed in whatever they want to do; they need to stop emulating the preconceived notions of who they think they are supposed to be and cease trying to be who they are not.

Based on her own life experience, Lauren is on a mission to help empower women to embrace themselves and never shy away from getting treated fairly and getting the respect they deserve.  A divorced mother of three, Lauren has been harassed, marginalized, silenced, made to feel inferior, paid less, worked more, taken on 100% of the “mental load” and when push came to shove, told she was the most approachable, authentic, and caring leader and boss most of her teammates have worked with. 

Lauren Zajac is a lawyer and the Chief Legal Officer at Workhuman, a business whose mission is to help companies create corporate cultures driven by gratitude. Lauren manages all of Workhuman’s legal needs and participates as a member of its executive team. Lauren serves as board chair for Leadermom and is on the board of The Soul Project.  Before joining Workhuman in 2009, Lauren served as general counsel for a broad mix of high-growth technology companies and ran her own legal practice helping small businesses and start-ups.  

To learn more about Lauren visit her website,

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