Home of Champions Founder Judith Halbreich is Today’s Honoree

Home of Champions (HOC) Founder, Judith Halbreich, LCSW is a youth activist and social worker who has had a successful executive career in social services, mental health, and clinical research, serving on many Boards of Directors. Ms. Halbreich created one of the first NYC foster care programs for infants suffering from AIDS, in addition to creating an award-winning independent living program for youth aging-out of the foster care system. Her passion is to bring to fruition the HOC leadership program, which will inspire youth to become champions of their best selves.  

Home of Champions (HOC)  is a newly recognized 501c3 non-profit organization with a mission to provide a “home base” for youth ages 16-24 who are emerging from the foster care system. It is a challenging and supportive program where youth will have access to opportunities, resources, and mentoring; gain the knowledge to live an active, consistent and sustained lifestyle; and develop the attitude necessary to become the responsible leaders, change makers, and entrepreneurs of tomorrow.   With a legacy of champions built into the organization, HOC is located in New Paltz, NY at the former home of *boxing legend Floyd Patterson* and still holds the original boxing ring where he and fellow world heavyweight champions *Muhammad Ali *and* Ingemar Johansson* trained. HOC will continue the legacy of this historical symbolic entity by working to emphasize the positive attributes of disconnected youth, challenging them to match Patterson, Ali, and Johansson’s tenacious spirit and willpower, and empowering them to become the best versions of themselves.

Visit https://homeofchampionsny.org/support  for more information. 

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