Mentor and Influencer Matthew Sanchez is Today’s Honoree

Matthew Sanchez is the founder and CEO of Matthew Sanchez Enterprises in association with Matthew Sanchez Williams (MSW) Productions. He is executive producer of The Matthew Sanchez Show on CTV Beam Network dedicated to creating inspirational programing that empower worldwide audiences to life-changing experience.

His visionary perspective and passion is bringing knowledge and information that enhance lives. He serves in the community as a mentor to younger people and is a dynamic public speaker.

The odds were stacked against him as a child with his dad being absent from his life. His school grades were affected but special ed for children with disabilities became a blessing in disguise. He fought through a destructive addiction as he got older. His abnormal became normal.

His success and survival rate to overcome the extreme challenges of his life is attributed, first and foremost, to belief in God and God’s astounding truth. From that point, Matthew continues to admit the truth and he confront his issues head on in his remarkable recovery. He strives to become a responsible adult, has advanced his education with college courses and moves on a slow but steady course of reclaiming his life. He has a host of beloved family members that impacted his life in a tremendous way to include his paternal grandmother, his mother, auntie and a few phenomenal men. These amazing women influenced him in a life-saving way.

Matthew is a teacher at heart but embraces being a student by ever learning with a teachable spirit. Matthew enjoys long bike rides and can be found taking pleasure in the beautiful scenery along the Chattahoochee River.

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