Sewing Influencer Mimi G is Today’s Honoree

At the height of the COVID pandemic, Mimi G released a tutorial on how to sew a face mask, and in a day that video got more than 2 million views. Mimi G’s life is a truly inspirational rags-to-riches story. She is known by her  for making sewing hip and accessible through her online sewing school, the only online sewing and design school focused on teaching anyone to sew at their pace at an affordable price. Her videos on DIY sewing, self-empowerment, and lifestyle have propelled Mimi G from blogger to internet sensation.

The Mother of four is a champion of women, but before that she was the victim of  sexual abuse as a child, a teen runaway, a homeless teenage mother, and a domestic violence survivor. However, the story of Mimi is not in her challenges, it is in her triumphs. She had a knack for seeing a design on the runway and being able to recreate it herself, for someone that was struggling financially, this was something that helped set her apart – career wise and in important meetings.

As her blog took off, her viewers were drawn to her hip and cool approach to sewing. In a field where sewing could seem archaic, she was   making it fun and exciting. What started off as a hobby in her Los Angeles home in 2012, blossomed into an international brand with daily engagement of more than 2.1 million followers across her social  media platforms, 12 million-page views annually, and 1 million unique visitors per month on her blog.

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