Author and the Founder of Dendy Media Kyle Dendy is Today’s Honoree

Kyle Dendy is the Founder of Dendy Media a PR agency in Dallas, TX representing celebrities, influencers and entrepreneurs from around the world.

Internationally recognized speaker and author of The Purpose Playbook, Kyle has touched millions around the world online and thousands more on his nationwide speaking tours. Bringing a message not only of purpose but of how to find it, Kyle is a voice that is transcending generations and demographics with his raw passion and gifts of speaking, writing, and wisdom.

About the Book:

Why are you, as an individual, here on this Earth? If you’re like most people in this world, you have no idea how to answer that question because no institution in society has made it clear how to make such a discovery on a practical level.

In school, we’re told to choose a route that will make the most money or “get the bills paid.” In church, we’re told that our purpose is to glorify God but not what that looks like for the person who isn’t called to work in the church. In our families, so many other issues must be dealt with in the busyness of our fast paced lives that the question of purpose is never addressed or the idea of pursuing it never encouraged.

The Purpose Playbook is not about seven steps to the good life that many gurus and self help books seek to lead you to. This book is the missing step by step guide to finding and following your own unique purpose so you can do what you were created to do, live the life you were created to live, and manifest what was placed inside of you.

This book is for the student who must make life altering decisions without first knowing what their purpose is. This book is for the single mother of two kids who feels in her soul that she was created for more than her circumstances but doesn’t know how to change them. This book is for the business professional who is making money that looks like “success” but feels empty inside.

Whoever you are, no matter your age, race, background, or economic status, you have a purpose, and someone whose life depends on it is waiting on you to find it, follow it, and bring it into the world. If you are ready to do so, The Purpose Playbook is for you.

Kyle Dendy is a voice of hope in his generation and is leading a purpose movement to bring clarity to the minds of millions around the world who are asking the question, “What is my purpose?”

Follow Kyle Here:
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