The Butcher Shop Girl Author Carmen Kissel-Verrier is Today’s Honoree

About The Book:

Carmen Kissel-Verrier had never left Canada before she agreed to fly to Bolivia with an opportunity to work as an international exotic dancer.   “When you’re nineteen, there’s a lot you don’t know,” she says. “But to me, fresh off the farm, Santa Cruz sounded like an oceanfront paradise. I didn’t realize until after I signed the contract that Santa Cruz is completely landlocked and poverty-ridden.”   In her meaty coming-of-age memoir, The Butcher Shop Girl (Friesen Press, November 2020), Kissel-Verrier writes with vivid detail about her experiences as an elite world-traveling entertainer, partying with the Hells Angels, falling in love with a sexy U.S. drug enforcement agent, run-ins with premium organized crime, and safely finding her way home again.   Kissel-Verrier’s story starts in rural Alberta, Canada, where she spent her childhood working in her mother’s slaughterhouse, tearing through flesh and getting into trouble. To escape a violent home, she bounced from house to house, working on the family farm, and eventually in the oil patch.   A compelling memoir of resilience and persistence, The Butcher Shop Girl captures the vivacious spirit of a small-town girl determined to succeed by any means necessary.

About The Author:

Carmen was born in rural Alberta, Canada. These days, she is a technical writer and a graduate of Mount Royal University.Carmen still loves a wild time spent with peculiar people and appreciates a good ribeye steak. She remains fascinated by the diversity of the human spirit. Carmen lives with her husband and their two children on the shoreline of Moose Lake, Alberta.

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