Lips and Lace Founder Shakera McCrory is Today’s Honoree

Shakera McCrory is the founder of Lips And Lace a cosmetic company that inspires women to let their hair down, have fun and be confident in themselves. She is also the founder of Shakera’s Tea Party,  a Women Empowerment group that gives women a safe space to be themselves and to get the support that they need.

Shakera McCrory has always been in love with different color lipsticks since she was a little girl. It was her older sister Nicha who influenced her to have a passion for lipsticks and cosmetics. That was the beginning of Shakera’s journey in becoming a beauty advocate who helps other women find their beauty inside and out.

Her advocacy steered her to the path of owning Lips and Lace Cosmetics Company. Lips And Lace brings out the fun side of makeup.

It was 2016 when Shakera lost her job as an office manager of a loan company. Stepping out in faith, she phoned an online legal technology company called Legal Zoom to help her produce legal documents. Within an hour, she was a business owner. The beginning of her journey wasn’t the easiest, but because she invested in her brand, networked, built her makeup portfolio, and work on tv and film set as an intern makeup artist, she was able to bounce back prepare Lips & Lace for launch.

As a mom of two, Shakera wants to show her kids that anything is possible if you persevere. Know that when you purchase from Lips & Lace, you are supporting a lifelong passion. Your support will not be taken lightly.

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