The School Director of Milieu Treatment for Devereux Connecticut Daniel Bailey is Today’s Honoree

At Devereux, employees are heroes in every sense of the word, helping children, adolescents and adults with emotional, behavioral and cognitive differences lead more fulfilling and rewarding lives. These committed and compassionate individuals humbly dedicate themselves to serving – and inspiring – others.

Daniel Bailey of Devereux Connecticut at The Glenholme School Director of Milieu Treatment was recently highlighted.

In your role, what are your main responsibilities?

I am responsible for the daily oversight of the milieu behavioral treatment at The Glenholme School. Some of my responsibilities include: working closely with clinicians, behaviorists and administrators to create individualized treatment plans for each of our students; creating and instructing professional development opportunities for our direct care professionals, teachers and other faculty; and collecting and analyzing behavioral data to assist our team in data-driven decision making. The best part of my job is interacting with staff members and students on campus, and building positive and healthy relationships.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Growing up, I had a mentor who pushed and challenged me to be the best version of myself. My mentor, a high school counselor, said, “When that happens (when you are the best version of yourself), you’ll know it because it will never feel like you are ever going to work.” I am lucky enough to have a job that has done just that. There are two parts of my job I find equally rewarding. The first is being able to work alongside such amazing people who are all trying to achieve the same common goal of making someone else’s life better than it was before they came to Glenholme. The second is a special moment that happens at different times throughout each student’s stay at Glenholme. Every one of our students reaches or surpasses their goals in different ways, through arts, sports, education or relationship development with peers. During these moments, it is amazing to see the hard work our students and staff put in to create this success.

How has COVID-19 impacted your role?

How have you risen to this challenge?Although COVID-19 impacted different aspects of our program, and presented our team with several new challenges, there have been many silver livings.

While our team has had to work remotely, this has caused us to work more closely and collaboratively than ever before. Specifically, in the behavior department, our team has risen to the challenge by creating new behavioral reference guides for parents to assist with the implementation of individualized behavior plans within the home, as well as providing in-home behavioral support via Zoom. When our program reopened, it was remarkable to watch every member of our team rise to new challenges with a smile and a great sense of pride as we continued to provide the best possible services to our students and families.

Why are you a Healthcare Hero?

I am honored to be nominated among the many Healthcare Heroes I work alongside every day. I take pride in the fact that no matter what happens, I am always there to provide unconditional positive support. I always want what is best for everyone, and will continue to work to empower those around me to become their best, most authentic selves, as that is what our students and staff deserve.

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