Chef Oya Woodruff the Founder of Chef Oya’s The Trap Seafood is Today’s Honoree

For Chef Oya, a combination of formal education and lived experience built the impenetrable foundation necessary for housing her successful culinary career. Elder and ancestral light guided her through each successful endeavor that she has accomplished thus far. Humble beginnings in various foodservice roles afforded Chef Oya the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in diverse culinary establishments.

A formula of knowledge, entrepreneurship, moxie, TrapButtah, and Young Bae seasoning by FoodLoveTog birthed a seafood empire. Established in 2016 as a seafood delivery service, the Trap, an acronym for actions geared Toward Restoring food Access to the People, has since blossomed into a storefront restaurant that is a complete experience to visit.

Because of Chef Oya’s heart that is bent towards the community and supporting other local business owners, she has a hefty following and is mutually supported. Making countless appearances across varieties of print and media outlets have become the norm for this culinarian allowing her to elevate in the food world, leading up to an appearance on the Food Network’s Bite Club.

Additionally, scoring the top place on Indy’s A-List for seafood officially titled her as Indianapolis’ Queen of Seafood, and the masses seem to agree.

Visit for more information.

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