Bullying Expert Bullseye The Clown is Today’s Honoree

Bullseye The Clown may seem like an unlikely bullying expert, but with over 25 years experience navigating around and developing innovative tactics to dealing with bullies, he is a one of a kind force to be reckoned with. Don’t let the makeup, red nose and colorful clown shoes fool you, he takes no prisoners when coaching the bullied how to stand up, speak out and reclaim their authority over their bullies.

Unapologetic, Bullseye The Clown uses wit, charm and humor to deliver training and coaching that to some may seem a little controversial and overly simplistic.

Bullseye The Clown received his Bachelor of Arts in Comprehensive Theater and Communications from Ashland University. Throughout his career as an actor and stand-up comedian, he employed psychodrama techniques and the secrets of body language to not only read what the bully is truly thinking but to also create “characters” to get himself out of some very compelling situations.

Bullseye is so passionate about helping those who feel unloved, under-appreciated and disregarded by society that he is revealing a number of survival tips and suggestions in his upcoming book, Bullseye On Bullying: Survival Tips To Beating The Bullies, as well as tackling topics like these weekly on his Youtube show, Bullseye On Bullying.

Visit https://www.bullseyetheclown.com/about for more information.

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