Mobile Escape Founder Eric Reynolds and Paul Harvey are Today’s Honoree

Eric Reynolds is a Co-founder of Mobile Escape as well as an author and MBA grad. Together with business partner Paul Harvey, Eric grew Mobile Escape to be one of the most innovative escape room companies in Canada. Mobile Escape has serviced hundreds of thousands of guests in their Mobile Units with an emphasis on education and the goal to #awakenwonder. In addition to their Mobile Escape rooms, Eric’s company innovated a new genre of Escape Puzzles called Tabletop Escape Games. When COVID hit their business, they reinvented themselves to develop Escape Mail, which has expanded rapidly across Canada, most of the US, and over a dozen countries. Eric is delighted to be able to design experiences for thousands of Escape Mailers and puzzle solvers worldwide. 

Paul Co-founded Mobile Escape with the vision of creating a sustainable business that was intrinsically beneficial to the communities it served. Paul did not thrive in a traditional classroom – he was the kid that had a hard time sitting down and being quiet long enough to read two sentences without staring off into space or talking with his neighbour. Paul helped start Mobile Escape with a desire to see students like himself thrive in a unique learning environment and discover, not how smart they are, but how they are smart. Paul graduated from Ambrose University in Calgary, Alberta with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a minor in International Community Development. Upon graduation he and his wife, Kara, spent a year and a half on staff with Youth With A Mission based out of New Zealand. Paul applies his creative nature to the business by helping create each one of Mobile Escape’s original puzzles, as well as financial know-how and passion for sustainable development.

Visit for more information.

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