Yampu Tours Co-Founder Monica Irauzqui is Today’s Honoree

Monica is a Travel Expert and Co-Founder of  Yampu Tours with her husband José Irauzqui for the last 22 years and counting, planning journeys of a lifetime to Mexico, Central, South America, Asia, Africa, India, Himalayas, Europe, Australia, Antarctica. New York Times Speaker and Corporate Trainer on Travel. Travels worldwide inspecting thousands, hotels, eco-resorts, tented camps, cruises, adventure tours, family experiences, and luxury trips. Has a vetted network of staff and expert guides continuing to create and lead guided tours that shepherd travelers to the region’s well-known attractions and hidden treasures on exciting customized programs.

Monica and her team will personalize any trip to meet the special interests of her clients, continually seeks out new experiences and crafts new tours based on the expertise of our ground agents, native guides and her own adventures. From spiritual quests led by Andean shamans to tasting tours of Argentina’s Mendoza wine region to up-close encounters with the people, nature and wildlife of the Africa.

Monica’s’ think outside the box‘ attitude allows her to design a wealth of carefully crafted, life-enriching experiences as well as special interests such as history and culture, adventure, spas yoga, volunteer travel and give back, family fun or a honeymoon.

Monica is an expert in family travels, always bringing her kids, ages eleven and thirteen on her trips; Monica loves what she does and being able to do it with her family! Monica is the authority at designing themed itineraries including culinary, spiritual, adventure, experiential, girls’ trips, and sightseeing tours.

All tours are compiled with well-trained and knowledgeable experts leading the way. Monica also has a refined eye and memory for special places, hotels, eco lodges, and boats that will thrill the pickiest of travelers.

Visit https://www.yampu.com/why-yampu/meet-the-team/ for more information.

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