invisaWear CEO and Co-Founder Rajia Abdelaziz is Today’s Honoree

After a harrowing incident, Rajia Abdelaziz, Co-Founder and CEO of invisaWear, realized that she need something to make her safer. One night, Rajia was walking back to her car when a car full of men started yelling inappropriate comments; the car stopped and one of the men started to get out. Luckily, Rajia was able to run and get in her car, unharmed. Her phone was in her purse, but she didn’t have that split second to find her phone and call the police or friends.

Rajia took this unsettling experience as inspiration to make a difference and started invisaWear with co-founder Ray Hamilton in 2016 while in college, when she was just 22-years-old.  invisaWear is a powerful combination of sleek jewelry and a safety device to help women in dangerous situations? Rajia took a beautiful design aesthetic and interwove that with an S.O.S. device. The result is an attractive and smart jewelry piece  which instantly sends your location to emergency dispatchers and loved ones during an emergency. The charm containing the technology is small, stylish, and can be worn in a variety of ways (a necklace, bracelet, keychain, fitness band and even scrunchies). When double pressed, invisaWear sends a text message to up-to five pre-selected emergency contacts; the text notifies the emergency contacts that the user is requesting help and contains a link to the users location. Prices start at just $129.

Rajia is committed to helping women (and men) feel safe wherever they are, be it walking to a car at night, during an early morning run, travelling, or just being out an about. Having invisaWear gives users an extra layer of security, which imparts peace-of-mind and lets you enjoy life that much more.

Visit for more information.

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