Generation Mindful Founder Suzanne Tucker is Today’s Honoree

Meet Suzanne Tucker who is a Midwestern Mom, Parent Educator and Founder of Generation Mindful.

Suzanne’s company, Generation Mindful, is a line of tools and toys that connect the generations and nurture emotional intelligence, playfully. They are an e-commerce website, a thriving community (more than 1 Million Facebook Fans), and on top of everything else, they are playful! Why? Because, as Suzanne explains, “Play is the superhighway to learning, and, yes, to positive discipline.”  

As a parent educator of 27 years, Suzanne’s Generation Mindful nurtures the parent/child relationship and teaches parents how to help their pre-school age children to regulate their own emotions through relatability exercises, communication techniques, play, and her trademark Time-In Calming Corner. “It’s nothing short of sorcery,” posted one mom on Facebook. All of Suzanne’s toys and instructional materials are science-based and help parents effectively work with their child’s developing brain. 

Generation Mindful’s tools have helped hundreds of thousands of parents in 40 countries around the globe, and the company has earned $3.5 Million in sales revenue during the first three quarters of 2020. 

“Positive discipline nurtures emotional intelligence and shapes behavior, fostering cooperation and problem solving better than punitive methods. This data is supported, not only nationwide, but internationally,” states Suzanne.  

Visit for more information.

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